Rock Jam 2020 is canceled due to COVD19 concerns

Every year in late August, the relatively peaceful town of Mack, Colorado is engulfed by waves of rock fans that flock to it and to the nearby Country Jam Ranch where Rock Jam is held annually. For fans of rock music, this festival has a little bit of all genres and is an experience that is unrivaled in the state.

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Running over the course of two days, Rock Jam’s electrifying atmosphere is almost addictive – and you’ll find yourself not wanting to miss a minute of the action. That is why many of the attendees actually choose to camp out at the Country Jam Ranch grounds itself, and really get the full Rock Jam experience.

Camping at Rock Jam

Seeing as the Country Jam Ranch stretches over 240 acres, it is safe to say that there’s more than enough room for everyone to camp during the festival. That being said, what you’ll really want is to try to get a camping site that is located close to the stage – just expect to pay a little bit extra for that privilege.

It is up to you to choose whether you’d like to pitch a tent and park your car at the camping site, or would rather park a RV there instead. If required, you could even get a larger camping site – but that costs a bit more too.

Each camping spot can accommodate 6 to 8 people, so long as they all have their own 2 day pass. Despite the general party atmosphere of the festival, there is a 1 am ‘quiet time’ imposed – prohibiting any loud partying into the wee hours of the morning.

Assuming you’d like to turn in even earlier than that, you could request a camp site in one of the ‘Quit Zones’ that are reserved for those who would like to sleep earlier and in relative peace and quiet.

Seeing as Grand Junction Colorado is only 20 miles away from the Country Jam Ranch, any camping supplies that you need can be easily obtained from the numerous shops located there. Also you could pop by to visit the restaurants or department stores if you need something else.

All in all, camping at Rock Jam is an experience worth taking advantage of, as you’ll get to see some of your favorite rock bands performing live on stage while at the same time take part in a massive two-day party!