The Western Slope of Colorado has been blessed with magnificent and lengthy waterways. Colorado and Gunnison Rivers are the 2 biggest in western Colorado they offer breathtaking white water and calm family stretches ideal for rafting, kayaking and canoes.

White water rafting or rafting is an extremely exciting sport and outdoor activity. This kind of water sport has been well-liked, accepted and popularized since the early part of 1970. As the snow melted and spring comes, water levels in the rivers will rise adding to the causing the rapids to become strong and fervent.

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Rafting is one of the ideal leisure to do when you are within the perimeter of the state of Colorado. There are six major starting points in the Slope that you can choose to raft to. They are: Creede, Durango, Fruita, Grand Junction, Gunnison, and Pagosa Springs. Each starting spot offers diverse rafting experience and adventure.

This running water experience only imparts lasting memories for your friends, family and associates. There is no other outdoor activity in the Western Slope that could give you extra excitement, fun and adventure.

There are diverse travel and tour agencies in the state of Colorado. In addition, these firms can create  varied options to customize your rafting trips. You can select from a wide choices of tour packages that include rafting plus train rides, winery tours, and even camping.

In the months of May through June, rivers run faster, thereby causing your rafting event more exciting and wildly awesome. On the other hand, from August through September, waters become milder and calmer.

Everyone is familiar about the International Scale of River Difficulty. They are graded by classification varying from gentle, to rough to hazardous.

In Level 1, it is defined as having rough spots and will need gentle guiding and steering.

In Level 2, the water are getting to be rougher and the appearance of boulders and rocks in the flowing waters which require more steering, paddling and directing.

With Level 3, rapids are in minimum and it does not create any danger at all but it requires an expert in paddling and maneuvering.

In Level 4, there are more torrents and the water is now foamy, probably rocks are in huge amount, and intense directing and maneuvering is required.

In Level 5, huge foams or white water are already in great number and the chance of huge boulders and rocks can already designate that it is already in the danger zone.

In Level 6, currents are already becoming powerful and stronger and are to be regarded as already hazardous.

The Western Slope is blessed with nature reserves, hiking trails, and river rapids. If you love outdoor sports, then, this is for you, see this gem! Come and enjoy rafting in Colorado.