The Western Slope of Colorado has a lot to offer to horseback riders. You need to get on a horse to really be pleased on what you have to see with regards to the splendor of the region. The state of Colorado is divinely bestowed with marvelous Southern Rocky Mountains, plateaus, mesas, highlands plus the added splendor of the Colorado River and the Great Basin.

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Going around the Western Slopes in horseback conveys you to the old western ways when horses were still the only means of transport or way back when the Americas was still ruled by Indian Chiefs or chieftains. This is classic. We need to go back in time when life was so easy with no computers, no cars, just plain horses and American Indians.

Since the ancient times, horse riding has been a way of life. It was the oldest way of transport whereby it was just enhanced and perked up as centuries passed by. It was in the medieval period that carriages and stagecoaches were more richly defined by sovereigns, monarchs and noblemen.

This was the old Colorado. You can associate this thing with the old western cowboys. Western movies are very entertaining bestowing its viewers with never ending tales on the cowboy’s way of life, old politics, and how the Indians and white Americans clashed and interacted with colorful details on inter-racial marriages between Indians, British and the Americans. This is history, rich and moving with interwoven legends in colorful Indian hues and fabric.

For the most part, riding was used for business, travel and warfare. Today, riding is mostly for leisure, racing or equestrian. Anyone can ride a horse, and anyone can take horse riding lessons.

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If you are a beginner, all you need to do is to look for a suitable riding stable. You might even be able to choose a horse breed that is just right for you. You might also prefer the chestnut, buckskin, or the appaloosa, whichever, enjoy riding around the Western Slope of Colorado for this is an experience you will never forget.

Horseback riding is the therapeutic in nature. Barring from the fact that the vista itself is already a calm to our senses but also emotionally and socially (for riding with a companion or companions can improve interactions with family, friends and colleagues) thereby enhancing cognitive thoughts and improving behavioral patterns.

In addition, interacting with your horse and taking care of the animal gives that invigorating and calming effect. The grooming, brushing and your bathing of your horse generate a soothing and sedative effect on you. Now, this is therapy without any drugs involve.