The state of Colorado has been renowned as a world class place to fish in the United States. The spot has been favored with exquisite mountains and canyons, wonderful rivers and hiking trails making Colorado as the perfect haven for outdoor sports or recreational activity.

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Fishing in Colorado, particularly in the Western Slope is a must-to-do activity, with thousands of miles of streams and rivers. The locality is also rich of aquatic resources and bursting with a ton of freshwater fishes and shellfish in this freshwater abode that make Colorado a place of great marine biodiversity.

One sort of fishing interest developed in the Western Slope is fly fishing. This type of fishing technique involves an artificial “fly” which is used to capture fish in the water. It can be done in both freshwater and saltwater rivers. Colorado is blessed with colossal freshwater and saltwater rivers and lakes that make fly fishing popular with tourists, locals, and fishing enthusiasts.

There are many fishing spots in the Western Slope of Colorado that proffers splendid fly fishing spots and are deemed as “gold medal” waters:

Blue Mesa Reservoir – has 96 miles of shoreline. Fishes present in this reservoir are mostly lake trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and brown trout. This fishing location is placed as the second best in the Colorado state website due to its deep ocean waters and ample fish population in the area.

Animas River – this river flowing from Durango to the New Mexico provides an extensive array of fishing species. The trout fish, most especially the rainbow trout, is the most caught fish in this nature reserve. Most rainbow trout caught range in size from 14 to 18 inches in length. Moreover, within the river, you can see lots of logs, boulders, and eddies which are perfect spots or places for throwing your bait, guaranteeing you a big and fresh catch.

Grand Mesa Lakes – the lakes comprises of 100 and more natural lakes and forest reservoirs within the facility making it one of the top visited lakes in the Western Slope of Colorado. Aside from fishing in the pristine lakes, boating is also permitted in the lake. Trout also are abundant in these places.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon – is bursting with breathtaking sceneries and glistening meadows. This is the top destination for fishermen. The population of fish species here are plentiful. Throughout the year, this heavenly spot has the perfect warm climate and showcase nearly 40 miles of fishing spots. Tourists and locals enjoy fishing here due to the ultimate conditions of the weather and the abundance of fish. Brown and rainbow trout flourish in this El Dorado.

Astonishingly, the state of Colorado has become a well-liked journey’s end for tourists and for locals who wish to catch fresh trout and experience a hell of an adventure. For further information, visit the official tourism website of the Western Slope of Colorado for extensive guides and tourist advisories.