The Western Slope of Colorado hosts major festivities and events catering to all tourists and locals. Here are the leading events you can participate into.

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Taste of the Grand Valley – this event happens every February 11. The assembly place for this yearly event takes place at the Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction County in the state of Colorado. In the said event, the food festival showcases many celebrations that give honor to local food business enterprises, caterers, foods and gourmet business in the Western Slope. The Taste of the Grand Valley event is a one of a kind experience that guarantees to provide you exceptional and succulent food and beverage samples from every existing food business in Western Slope.

In addition, this event is a fund raising ceremony for the benefit of United Way of Mesa County.

Barrel Into Spring Wine Tasting – a food festival which presents a variety of specialty wines and spirits. Also, the event offers an assortment of rare wines and flavors for the participants. Wines offered in the wine tasting event are paired with gourmet cuisines and delicate flavored treats and desserts.

Perfect for wine enthusiasts, Barrel into Spring Wine Tasting also provides vineyards and wineries tours in the Western Slope area of Colorado. This event happens every April 27 and 28 and May 18 and 19 every year. Host of the event is the Chateau at Two Rivers Winery on Grand Junction.

Fruita Fall Festival – Every autumn season, the locals of the Western Slope of Colorado prepare for the fun and celebration of the Fruita Fall Festival every September. The said annual celebration features shops and stalls from arts and crafts merchants from all around Colorado. In addition, anyone can taste delectable food and dessert treats, too. Live entertainment is also provided during the event.

Moreover, the Fruita Fall Festival also includes baking competitions, a fall parade, races, pet and talent shows. Truly, the festival is an exhilarating experience that you don’t want to miss in your life!

Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair – happens every November in the Western Colorado Art Center in Grand Junction. The wonderful event is a yearly tradition for locals and tourists that present fine arts and crafts artists and vendors from the state. Just like the Taste of the Grand Valley event, this is also a fund raising event that helps support art outreach programs (art classes, workshops, trainings, and seminars) and the Art Center itself.

The majority of the events in Western Colorado features many gaily competitions, feasts, and gastronomical escapades! These are perfect for foodies or art fans who like sculptures, painting, and crafts. The Colorado tourism website can provide you more information and deals on tickets and schedules of the events.