Durango is a warm and welcoming town in the La Plata Country, Colorado. It was founded in 1881 by a railroad company, and has grown since then, with an estimated 17,500 residents as of 2013. Durango is very well-known for all the tourism and the activities made popular by tourist, such as hiking, fly-fishing, kayaking, biking, and off-roading.

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Surrounded by the Animas river valley is the Animas River. The river is well-known for the giant fish caught while fly-fishing. The river is also famous for it’s use in whitewater rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. Located near Durango are several world-class ski resorts and nature reserves. The Mesa Verde National Park is located only a short while away from Durango.

If you’re in Durango in the late parts of January, you may be in time for the Snowdown Festival, celebrated by fireworks, parties and a parade. The parade generally takes place around the last Friday of January. As well as parades and fireworks, games are many. Private companies host fun competitions like food-eating games, facial-hair growing, and talent shows. The annual Music in the Mountains summer music festival is also held near Durango and features many great musicians. This town is a perfect place to visit if you love or if you are interested in the arts. It is a repository of thousands of musical pieces that are part of the history and the culture of the town.

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If you’re interested in shopping and exploring, Main Street is the place to go. Lined with restaurants, newsstands, shops, malls, bars, and anything else you could think of. They even a Wal-Mart that is as big as an entire shopping complex! The food is to die for, anything you can think of: Mexican, Asian, Thai, French, Italian and many other luxury cuisines, it is all there on Main Street. The buildings themselves are gorgeous, built in several floors with a breathtaking architectural concept. Along Main Street live two old hotels, the ideal place to stay if you’re in Durango. If you want to live in picturesque surroundings, Durango will surely delight you and give you postcard-like photos every time you take a picture.

If you enjoy skiing, the Durango Mountain Resort is the perfect place to go. Located about twenty-five miles away from Durango. Originally opened in 1965, the park has over eighty trails, over ten ski lifts, one of which is a six-person lift known as a “flying couch”. If you’re a snow person, Durango is the place to go, with ample snowfall numbers. If you haven’t already been to Durango, it should most definitely be a place to add to your list.