Western Colorado offers some great deer hunting opportunities.

The deer in western Colorado are mule deer, which get their name from their big ears and other features that resemble a mule if you look at them from the right angle. Mule deer are typically found in more open country than their relatives the white tail deer, which are usually found in more densely forested areas.

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Planning a Colorado deer hunt
Deer hunting in Colorado is a challenge with millions of square acres of wilderness, different hunting unit, rules and regulations; it can be quite a lot to figure out. Trying to find where the deer are hiding on top of all that makes for a lot of work. A good hunting guide can save a person a lot of work and make the odds of a successful hunt considerably higher. Most hunting guides can also help you process the meat and ship it back to your home if you are not from Colorado.

If you are planning your deer hunt, your on the first step should be to get a big game regulation book from Colorado DOW. This will tell you what tags are available to apply for and when and where you can hunt.
Next would be to scout the areas you are thinking about hunting in and looking for places the deer might be, signs of deer activity, access to the areas, signs of other hunters.
These are just the first couple of steps to planning a hunt. Many hunters spend hundreds of hours or more over the years planning hunts and scouting for new areas. If you are just starting out, or new to the area, a good hunting guide can save you quite a bit of work and can help you learn the area much faster than you could on your own. It can also be extremely rewarding to do a hunt all on your own if you have the time and will.

Deer Hunting Regulations in Colorado
Deer hunts in Colorado are regulated by the DOW (Department of Wildlife), which issues permits for Colorado residents and out of state residents. Most of the permits issued are for the fall time, which is considered “hunting season” by most people. The fall time is when the deer mate it is also when the young deer that were born in the spring are old enough to be left on their own.

Most deer tags must be purchased ahead of time, but some are sold “over the counter” the day before the hunt. It is a good idea to plan a good amount of time ahead and make sure you can secure your tag. Most big game tags must be purchased in the spring time for the hunting season that fall. If there are left over tags, they will sell them as “over the counter” tags up to the dates of the hunt.
The regulations can be quite confusing and complicated so it is a good idea to spend sometime studying them. If you have a hunting guide, this can save you a lot of time because they are well versed in the Colorado hunting regulations and can guide you through the process and make sure you are in accordance with all the rules.

For the full set of rules ad regulations make sure to visit the Colorado DOW website.

Good Luck and happy hunting.