Aspen Colorado: A Progressive Town of the Arts and Modern Structures

Aspen is a marvelous town, located around the Rocky Mountains in western Colorado. Founded as a mining camp during the mid eighteen hundreds for the silver rush, the town has been a prominent fixture ever since. The main tourism appeal of Aspen is in the breathtaking forests, the old mining camps, and the Art Festivals. This is a perfect place for the art lovers to visit and to discover more about the arts.

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Aspen was originally founded around 1870, and named Ute City. Ute City was renamed to Aspen around 1880. During the height of the silver rush, Aspen was one of the most productive silver-mining cities especially once the Sherman Silver Act greatly increased the amount of Silver the government was buying. After that, Aspen began to develop as a full-fledged city.

With the development of the Aspen Music School and skiing resorts, Aspen has become a primary place for skiing. Three of the largest skiing areas are Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass. These three skiing areas are the places that tourists often visit and which make the place very popular.

Another great place to visit in Aspen is the White River National Park. You can visit this during summer time. You can enjoy fishing in this area and after fishing you can savor the delicious fish that you have caught. If you prefer wandering around the wilderness, this is also a good place to explore and relax. You can have some wonderful time hiking in the deep forests of Aspen.

Aspen these days is absolutely stunning, a state-of-the-art ski resort, even though the actual residents of Aspen are the more wealthy population. The average home in Aspen is around four million dollars, and the lower end houses selling for around six-hundred thousand. If you can afford to live in Aspen, it is definitely an amazing place to live. If you love to have a luxurious style of living, you can have your residence at Aspen and enjoy the breath-taking views around the place. You can take some short walks every time and you will be amazed by the beauty of this majestic town.

Rising property costs are increasingly decreasing the amount of middle-income workers who can afford property in Aspen. The ones who can afford property are usually using Aspen as a place for a second or third home. The downtown area of Aspen is largely a shopping area, consisting of many high-end designer clothes store such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc. So if you’re on the wealthy side of the population and want a place that’s a paradise in every way, Aspen is the place for you!