Welcome to western Colorado! Here you will find information on the western slope of Colorado and the many activities that it has to offer. There are many hidden gems in western Colorado for travelers to see and experience from restaurants to remote outdoor experience’s which makes it a truly special place. If you like to get away from the traffic and chaos of the big cities, you will probably fall in love with western Colorado.

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The continental divide runs through Colorado north to south; the eastern side extends out to Denver and the eastern plains; the western side extends out into the little known and sparsely populated American west. On the western side of the divide, you will find a treasure chest of natural wonders and western culture.

As you get farther from the main interstates and bustling cities, you will find quiet, remote places full of native animals, ancient ruins, historical stories, American Indian myths and much more. Many of these priceless treasures survive and flourish because the lack of people and industry have left them untouched in a timeless museum that is open for you to explore if you want to take the time and effort to seek them.

Much of the old west culture has manged to survive here on the western side of Colorado. Many of the farms and ranches have operated similar to decades ago and people still hold the values and traditions their relatives had when they first settled the area decades ago. You can still see people working from horseback and raising their own food on the land.

If you are seeking a western experience, whether it be camping in the remote wilderness or dining at a western steakhouse, we hope you will find some valuable information in this site.