Quality of Life Is Our Commitment. This is the motto of Montrose, and it is respected more than anything else is. It is situated in a great natural environment in the mountains, and it is also a significant city in this area, considering the 20 000 people living here. It is the capital town of Montrose County. Its development was boosted when the US Route 50 was inaugurated. Since then, tourists started to come here, and Montrose became one of the most important rural tourism locations in the state.

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The Gunnison Tunnel that was built in 1909 made it possible for people here to have clear water, and the tunnel is still an important attraction. Besides this, Montrose is a hub for skiing fans that come here to reach the San Juan Mountains, one of the best locations for winter sports in Colorado.
The area was inhabited how quite a while. As the Shavano Valley Rock Art Site, history passionate can see the tools used by native Indians since 1000 BC. It is one of the most important historical attractions in Colorado.

The climate is semi arid here, being considered as a high desert area. On the other hand, this makes the city proper both for summer and winter activities. It rarely rains and snows here, but Montrose is still a visited city, not by actually visitors of it, but by people that want to reach skiing slopes and other touristic attractions in the area.

From here, it is easy to go on the Black Canyon, an area with rapid rivers, perfectly for canoe and kayak. The unemployment grades are still pretty high, but Montrose is on a good path. The 9000 people of the city started to understand the touristic potential, so they are striving to build cabins, especially in the vicinity of Montrose, which has a good potential for that. Unfortunately, there is no museum, and this is a pity for an area that has so many interesting historical landmarks.