Delta Colorado is more then 250 years old. Initially, it was a trading post between the Native Indians and the settlers coming from the Eastern Coast. However, some of those settlers found this area at the junction of Uncompahgre and Gunnison Rivers as a good place to live, and so they decided to build their houses there. Statements of the good collaboration between natives and settlers can still be seen in the Delta County Historical Museums, one of the most important local attractions.

delta, colorado, gunnison river

Tradition can be observed everywhere around the city, but this does not mean that this is not a modern place to live. Besides historical landmarks, in the museum, the visitors can see the bones of some extinct dinosaur species, and even tools used by the first people that ever lived on this territory.
Besides the museum, the area is attractive because of the incredible natural location. Delta is situated near the Dominguez Escalante National Wilderness Areas, which draws visitors who want to experience a quiet
and scenic outdoor experience.

The majority of buildings in Delta have an incredible historical value. Some of them were transformed in restaurants and hotels, increasing the reputation of this place as a touristic location. It is near impossible to get bored here, whether you are passionate about history, hiking, or simply by sitting in the mountains for a relaxing vacation.

Delta Colorado has a decent amount of activities for a town of this size including a large recreation center with a pool, golf course, walking trails and shoping all very near to the center of town.